Kevin Blechdom

Electronic music genius and banjo afficionado, a total freak with a unique, personal vision, Kevin Blechdom formed Blectum from Blechdom in San Francisco. She has since moved on from both. I love the naive irreverence and I also love that Aquarius Records hates her music:
"Someone has to say it, it might as well be us. C'mon!!! You studied music at Mills for fuck's sake!!! You were honored alongside RYOJI IKEDA and OVAL by the Ars Electronica, the biggest honor in digital music, beating out everybody ever featured in The Wire, EVERYBODY! But all you do is sing stupid songs, terribly off key, to retarded programmed nursery rhyme electronica, about boobs and butts and stuff only grade schoolers think is funny. Christ, this is depressing/embarrassing. But people (those Ars Electronica folks for one, and possibly Fred Frith who actually appears on this disc) seem to like the Blechdom thing, so maybe we're missing something...Ugh, well, whatever we might be missing doesn't sound like something we want to get."

I get it.