The Shaggs
"I'm So Happy When You're Near"

The best way to describe the The Shaggs is to show you what other people have said about them:

"The Shaggs. Better than the Beatles - even today." - Frank Zappa

"The Shaggs are like castaways on their own musical island." - Bonnie Raitt

"... For me, one song about your real life is worth ten "professional" songs. The Shaggs convince me that they're the real thing when they sing." - Jonathan Richman

"They bring my mind to a complete halt." - Carla Bley

Actually, a better way is to give you a link to the original liner notes. Seriously, it's worth a read. Their two records are on my List of Things To Do When I'm Depressed. Seriously, listening to them changes your life.

"As mass media increasingly permeates our society with a sameness that is frightening, it seems unlikely that another band of this kind of quality and originality will ever come along again."